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If you have any concerns or comments on the way I roleplay comment here. This is for constructive criticism only. No "omg u suxxor gtfo". Anon is enabled, don't abuse that.

If you want to contact me, my journal is [livejournal.com profile] savingdaisydiva. My AIM is LunarGoodness even if I rarely get on due to internet troubles. You can also leave a comment here.

If you want to plot or something, I'd rather be contacted by e-mail or a comment here. Planning, if you don't mind, would be better for me through e-mail.

Also, Kanaya Types Like This if this bothers you? Please let me know and I'll stop on text posts to your character.
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"Hello, I am quite apologetic to not be able to answer you at this moment in temporal history. Yes, this is Kanaya. Please leave a message if it moves you. I will get to you as soon as possible."

[Kanaya's personal handheld communication pod has voice, text, video, and instant messenger capabilities. Like Vriska and Aradia, you may occasionally contact her in the wrong time frame by accident.]
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Im Hungry Again
I Believe My Nutrient Absorbing Capacity Has Increased Since My Induction Into The Ranks Of The Undead

This Is Getting Troublesome
I May Have To Uh
Look Elsewhere For Food
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There Is No Profit To Forgiving Someone Who Cannot Realize What Theyve Done
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Strange That Virus Was Abnormally Long And The Only Thing I Remember From It Is A Vague Feeling That I Found Out About My Ancestor
The Only Thing I Remember About Said Ancestor Is That She Was A Lusus
Excuse Me Mother
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To Be Honest I Am Perfectly Fine About What Happened At That Human Dance Ritual
I Did The Smart Thing And Did Not Attack Eridan
He Better Not Wish For A Repeat Performance
But Im Fine
Really How Could Humans Be Confused About That

Maybe I Should Talk To Rose
Or Maybe Jade
Maybe Karkat
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That Moment In Temporal History That You Have A Feeling That One Of Your Alien Friends Future Self
Is Doing Something Akin But Directly Related To
Flirting With Your Personage

Who Would Have Come Up With That Idea I Never Would Have Guessed It

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I Want To Say That I Have Finished Your Dress But I Have Not Had The Time To Do So
However I Was Wondering Something
As You Have Given My Personage Some Advice In Such A Way That I Have A Feeling That You Pity Me
In The Troll Way I Mean Not The Human Way Because They Think Pity Isnt At All A Good Thing
Anyway That Doesnt Matter That Much
Okay That Is Sarcasm And Kind Of A Lie That I Told So I Can Make Myself Feel Better
This Is So Emotionally Strange For Me That I Think I Must Say It Quickly Before I Linger And Just Ramble For Forever

Lucy You Have Helped Me
And I Am Pretty Sure We Have Had A Feeling Jam Or Two
Which Is To Say
Will You Be My Moirail

Here Is A Link To Explain What A Moirail Is

GA has attached AQuickRefresherInQuadrants.TXT
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Who Let Karkat Try To Mess With The Code Of The Community
He Is Not Allowed To Code Anything Ever Again
Im Sorry For The Problems It Caused To Everyone
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[Kanaya is sitting, with some disdain as it's ruining her skirt, on the floor of what appears to be a great cavern with a tiled floor. In her hand she has a strange object. Which, perhaps, if one were knowledgeable in the study of troll anatomy would recognize it as a matriorb--most however, would probably think it a giant spiky ball or something along those lines.]

As it is so incredibly difficult for me to get things out of it, I am slightly confused that my fetch modus allowed me to get this out. Which is to say, ah, it seems I am quite literally holding the fate of the troll race as a whole: the last matriorb in existence. I had thought, perhaps, I would be able to get at it in our new universe which we created. Obviously that is not going to happen.

While certain--[Kanaya pauses, briefly. Only a faint frown tugs at the corner of her lips.]--events of the community makes me concerned for it's safety, I believe now I can keep it safe. I have other things to think about but, however, I feel it is possible to keep it safe.

That being said, if something does happen to my personage--Lucy. Take care of this matriorb. Your...Narnia may be a better place for it. Obviously this is just a precaution.

Frankly, even after my last conversation with Eridan and Feferi a few minutes ago, I believe my mood has been uplifted. Quite a feat, I think.
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I Never Want To Be A Princess Again

Oh And Eridans Wand Is Finished And Given
I Am Pleased With That At Least
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I Would Like To Say Something And I Will Be Brief

If Anyone Says That Im To Become Spiderfood Again I Will Not Be Pleased
I Will Be The Opposite And Shall Give Them A Talking To Two In A Somewhat Annoyed Manner Should That Person Do So Again
Do I Make Myself Clear
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So Ah Quick Question Well Quick For Me And
No Rambling Here
So Say You Were Going To
Craft A Weapon For A Warrior Of Light
A Weapon That Would Sever The Grimmest Of The Darkness
What Ingredients Would You Need

For I Am About To Raise An Ignorant Prince From The Throes Of Ignorance Into The Role Of A White Mage
One Whose Abilities Will Shine Through The Annals Of History
His Name Will Be Famous For The Rest Of Time

And His Name Will Be The Prince Of Hope And Light
And He Will Have A Kismesis Worthy Of His Affections
And He Will Stop Pouting And Fight His Rival To Keep Her In Check
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She Said She Pitied Me
She Said She Pitied Me
She May Have Added We Will Have To Postpone It A Bit To Get To Know Each Other Better But

She Said She Pitied Me
In The Troll Way
I Probably Look A Bit Green
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Ever Have That Strange Inkling That You Have Missed Something That You Should Have Been Notified Of But You Do Not Even Have A Directional Pointing Stick To The General Direction Of That Concept
That Is To Say
I Have A Feeling I Missed Something For Those Who Arent Of Intellect High Enough To Understand My Words
Which Is A Surprisingly High Amount Of You
Even Rose Is Falling Behind In The Intelligence Department
Rather Discouraging Really
And No Tavros Shut Your Mouth On That Subject
I Am Watching You With The Attention Of A Mighty Soaring Featherbeast
Yes You Better

Oh Well Im Losing The Point If I Ever Had It
I Am Gaining That Some Sort of Virus Happened That I Was Not Part Of
Feels Rather Nice
If Confusing
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So She Did It Again
Why Am I Not Surprised

Why Did I React The Same Way The Second Time Around
This Is Incredibly Juvenile
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So Its About To Happen Again
I Dont Care Anymore
Someone Else Will Look Out For Vriska
Unless She Starts Killing Everyone Dont Bother Me About Her
Now That Certain Events Are About To Happen I Will Start Treating Her Like I Do In My Timeline
Which Is To Say
Ignoring Her Completely

I Dont Care


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