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That Moment In Temporal History That You Have A Feeling That One Of Your Alien Friends Future Self
Is Doing Something Akin But Directly Related To
Flirting With Your Personage

Who Would Have Come Up With That Idea I Never Would Have Guessed It

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[Kanaya is sitting, with some disdain as it's ruining her skirt, on the floor of what appears to be a great cavern with a tiled floor. In her hand she has a strange object. Which, perhaps, if one were knowledgeable in the study of troll anatomy would recognize it as a matriorb--most however, would probably think it a giant spiky ball or something along those lines.]

As it is so incredibly difficult for me to get things out of it, I am slightly confused that my fetch modus allowed me to get this out. Which is to say, ah, it seems I am quite literally holding the fate of the troll race as a whole: the last matriorb in existence. I had thought, perhaps, I would be able to get at it in our new universe which we created. Obviously that is not going to happen.

While certain--[Kanaya pauses, briefly. Only a faint frown tugs at the corner of her lips.]--events of the community makes me concerned for it's safety, I believe now I can keep it safe. I have other things to think about but, however, I feel it is possible to keep it safe.

That being said, if something does happen to my personage--Lucy. Take care of this matriorb. Your...Narnia may be a better place for it. Obviously this is just a precaution.

Frankly, even after my last conversation with Eridan and Feferi a few minutes ago, I believe my mood has been uplifted. Quite a feat, I think.
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So Ah Quick Question Well Quick For Me And
No Rambling Here
So Say You Were Going To
Craft A Weapon For A Warrior Of Light
A Weapon That Would Sever The Grimmest Of The Darkness
What Ingredients Would You Need

For I Am About To Raise An Ignorant Prince From The Throes Of Ignorance Into The Role Of A White Mage
One Whose Abilities Will Shine Through The Annals Of History
His Name Will Be Famous For The Rest Of Time

And His Name Will Be The Prince Of Hope And Light
And He Will Have A Kismesis Worthy Of His Affections
And He Will Stop Pouting And Fight His Rival To Keep Her In Check
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I Have Had My Third With The Rose Human And My Second With The Smart Rose
The Idiotic Rose Has Yet To Make Herself Known Again
Rose Stated That She Might Know The Reason Why My First Conversation With Her Was So Dramatically Different Than The Ones I Have Been Having With Her Recently

But She Wouldnt Tell Me
I Think I Offended Her In A Conversation That I Havent Had Yet
I Am Not Exactly Sure About This
As Rose Is A Human That I
Quite A Lot And Smart Rose Has This Facade Of Cold And Biting Verbosity Tempered With Intelligence

Think My Heart Is Reacting To My Disappointment
I Still Think That Rose Lalonde And I Are Destined To Have Some Form
Of Intellectual Relationship

John Perhaps You Can Give Insight Into Her Character So I May Prevent
A Potential Gaffe In Her Presence


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