exceedingwords: (Sorry What Supor Are You On)
Kanaya Maryam ♍ grimAuxiliatrix ([personal profile] exceedingwords) wrote2011-04-06 11:35 am
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[locked from Kefka] One Statement Of A Fashionable Nature

I Am Currently Wondering Why I Even Try To Mediate Between Certain Individuals It Is Clearly A Show Of Futility

And I Believe A Human Here Is Trying To Ask Me To Be His Kismesis
Its Very Awkward And I Want Nothing To Do With It
It Would Be Akin To Having Kismesitude With Eridan
If Eridan Were To Put On Gamzees Make Up And Try To Meddle In A Way That Would Remind Vriska Of Myself
Only Less Helpful
I Shudder At The Very Thought

As It Is I Have Come To Say That These Temporal Shenanigans Are Giving Me An Ache In The Brain Pan Area

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