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Kanaya Maryam ♍ grimAuxiliatrix ([personal profile] exceedingwords) wrote2011-08-06 09:55 pm
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[Failed Locked To Lucy Pevensie] Twelfth Statement Of A Fashionable Nature

I Want To Say That I Have Finished Your Dress But I Have Not Had The Time To Do So
However I Was Wondering Something
As You Have Given My Personage Some Advice In Such A Way That I Have A Feeling That You Pity Me
In The Troll Way I Mean Not The Human Way Because They Think Pity Isnt At All A Good Thing
Anyway That Doesnt Matter That Much
Okay That Is Sarcasm And Kind Of A Lie That I Told So I Can Make Myself Feel Better
This Is So Emotionally Strange For Me That I Think I Must Say It Quickly Before I Linger And Just Ramble For Forever

Lucy You Have Helped Me
And I Am Pretty Sure We Have Had A Feeling Jam Or Two
Which Is To Say
Will You Be My Moirail

Here Is A Link To Explain What A Moirail Is

GA has attached AQuickRefresherInQuadrants.TXT

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