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Character Relationships
Aradia Megido
She Is A Rather Ah Robotic Individual I Have Tried To Stop Her From Doing Rash Things Before She Never Listens But I Dont Blame Her All That Much She Knows What Shes Doing
Oh And She Killed Vriska That One Time I Disapproved Of It Of Course

♈ Comrade
Tavros Nitram
He Is Quite Frankly A Troll That Needs To Get More Self Confidence He May Be Considered A Romantic Rival If I Were Of The Mind To Think About Such Things Which I Am Not Thats Just Silly I Help Him Just Like Any Other Person No Hard Feelings
Even If I Sliced Him In Half

♉ Unwanted Clubs
Sollux Captor
Hes Intelligent And I Suppose If Youre Interested In Him Charming But I Am Not So Thats A Mutual Point
I Find That He Needs To Get Over His Hatred Of Vriska And Find An Emotional Middle Ground
He Is Alright If He Keeps His Mind Out Of My Romantic Affairs

♊ Comrade
Karkat Vantas
Our Unofficial Leader Hes Good At It He Helped Me Quite A Lot With My Sylph Of Space Duties
I Consider Him A Close Confidant And I Know The Feeling Is Shared Even If He Would Deny It I Dont Blame Him However Appearances Are Important I Do Wish He Wouldnt Be So Hard On Jade However

♋ Good Leader Best Friend If I Can Say So
Nepeta Leijon
She Is Sadly Missing I Hope Equius Isnt Too Worried

Kanaya Maryam
Myself It Would Be Incredible Vainglorious To Put Anything Here

♍ Helpful
Terezi Pyrope
Frankly I Do Not Know What I Think Of Terezi Shes Not Like Any Other Troll I Know That Worries Me Somewhat She Was Vriskas Quote Sister Quote During The Flarp Days
To Be Terse She Reminds Me Of A Cacklebeast And Not Just That She Tends To Laugh Like One And That By Itself Makes Me Wary Somewhat
People Say Vriskas Dangerous Well She Is But Thats The Point My Point Is That Terezis Unpredictability Is Just As Dangerous As Vriskas Ego
Though She Is An Ally And I Would Never Voice My Opinions Of Her Out Loud

♎ Wary
Vriska Serket
My Ex Moirail Its Complicated Okay We Were Close For A Few Sweeps Then She Betrayed Me Then Apparently Was Repentant
I Dont Really Trust That Apologize But I Will For The Sake Of The Others That Probably Pushed Her To Apologize A Chance
As Soon As I See That Shes Not Really Repentant I Will Start Again To Ignore This Past Her Like I Ignore The One In My Current Timeline I Unfortunately Have Little Doubt I Will Have To
Shes Going Down A Path Of Destruction And She Doesnt Even Realize It And By This Point I Know I Cant Stop Her
Its Depressing Really

♏ Complicated Like I Told You Before
Equius Zahhak
He Was My Server Player And Thus Saved My Life
Hes An Avid Art Connoisseur Though A Few People Find His Interests Perverse They Find My Own Literary Tastes Morbid And Depressing So I Cannot Judge Fairly So No Comment
He Is A Bit Bigoted In His Opinions But He Is Composed And Frankly He Could Be Far Worse Than Sweating A Bit

♐ Server Player
Gamzee Makara
Not Much To Say About Him Hes A Bit Ah Odd But I Cannot Truly Judge Him

♑ Neutral
Eridan Ampora
Oh Oh My Jegus Must I Talk About Him Hes Incredibly Overbearing He Wont Leave Me Alone He Thinks Me His Best Friend
Frankly If I Were Attracted To People Of His Gender He Might Be My Kismesis If I Could Hold In My Anger
There Are No Words To Describe How Much He Annoys Me And Unlike Most People Who Hate Him I Actually Took The Time To Get To Know Him Before My Decision
Vriska Blocked Him
Let That Sink In If Vriska Serket One Of The Most Stubborn Personages In Troll History Blocked Him Then He Must Truly Be That Bad To Annoy Even Her
But Still We Do Have Some Similar Issues So I Might Consider Him A Friend Of The Hate Variety Only If This Killing Me Thing Doesnt Come To Pass Jegus Help Him If It Does

♒ Platonic Hate
Feferi Peixes
We Get Along Well Enough Even If We Made Fun Of Each Other When We Swapped Locations
It Was In Light Hearted Spirits
I Believe Her Way Of Showing So Much Emotion And Then Hiding That She Can Be Just As Much Of A Troll Like The Rest Of Our Comrades Is A Bit Hypocritical
As Im Not Surprised She Thinks Jade Is Retarded But I Think Her Awfully Rude To Express That Opinion Where Jade Can See It

♓ Comrades
John Egbert
So Incredibly Naive How Can He Be Eridans Moirail
I Dont Get Him

♂ Human Leader
Jade Harley
The Human Hero Of Space I Quite Like Her Shes Interesting A Bit Naive Perhaps But It Will Fade As She Grows In The Game Why Havent I Talked With Her Before Meeting Her On The Community I Wonder
Were Very Alike It Seems Even Our Hives Looked Alike Its A Bit Eerie When It Comes Down To It But I Think We Could Become Good Friends
Hope Feferi Doesnt Get Jealous Knowing Her She Might

♀ Good Human Best Witch
Rose Lalonde The Tentacletherapist
Its Complicated And I Know My Fellow Trolls Are Rather Confused Why I Somewhat Rushed The Relationship Between Her And I But They Wouldnt Understand I Wont Tell Her Either
Its My Own Little Secret And Well I Am Bit Let Down That Shes Not The Leader Or The Strongest Or To Be Perfectly Honest A Troll But Instead A Mere Human Follower
There Are No Other Viable Options And Shes Intelligent Enough I Am Somewhat Concerned That She Will Go Down Vriskas Path She Better Not

☼ Ah Um Complicated?
Dave Strider
The Fourth Human Dont Really Know Him That Well No Comment

♫ Johns Friend

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